20 Essential Tools and Parts for Quick Bow Repairs

Carry this gear to keep your bow smooth and your aim sharp

bowhunting tools
The archer’s repair kit.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Bows can be prone to breakdowns at the worst times. When it happens in the woods or at camp—say, a peep sight falls out—you have two choices: Go home or, if you have this kit, go hunting.

Quick Fix: Install a Peep Sight

> Step 1: Six inches above the nock, divide the string into two equal parts. Install the peep between.

> Step 2: Draw the bow and make note of where the eye aligns with the bowstring. Adjust the sight placement so you can see through the peep at full draw without moving your head.

> Step 3: Lay a 1-inch tag end of serving material along the bowstring above the sight with the serving jig nearest to the sight. Starting 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 inch above the sight, wrap the jig upward around the bowstring six times, overlapping the tag end. Snip any excess tag end remaining.

> Step 4: Double a length of dental floss to make a loop and lay it along the bowstring above the end of the serving wraps. Make at least four wraps with the serving jig over the loop and bowstring. Cut the serving material, leaving a 4-inch tag end. Thread the tag end through the floss loop and pull the loop back through your wraps, bringing the tag end of the serving with it. Cut the tag end to 1⁄4 inch and place a dab of superglue where it emerges from under the wraps. Melt the end with a match, being careful not to burn your serving or bowstring.

> Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 below the sight, wrapping the serving material downward.