Photo by Lance Krueger

Jason Golding, president of Lakeway Archery & Outfitters (662-227-9210) in Grenada, Miss., has a surefire system for spreading estrous scent in the whitetail woods, without the mess of a drag rag or fabric wicks. Golding takes his favorite deer urine, Mrs. Doe Pee’s Special Blend ($14; mrs​doe​, and swaps the bottle top for a pump-spray cap, which you can find in the travel section of most drugstores.

At the trailhead, Golding breaks off a leafy tree branch, about 3 or 4 feet long, and uses the spray bottle to saturate it with doe urine. “The branch’s surface area is much bigger than a scent wick’s or rag’s,” he says, “so it puts far more scent into the air.”

As he walks to his stand, Golding pushes branches out of his way with the scent stick so his hands never contaminate any cover. He believes that the stick deposits a scent trail large enough to mask any human odors. When Golding reaches his treestand, he drops the stick in a shooting lane. He’s lured many bucks into bow range with this trick, including a 150-inch stud.