Tip of the Day: Clutch Lever

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If your quad’s clutch lever (if it has a clutch lever) is too stiff, here’s a few tips on how to correct the problem. First and foremost, clutch cables and housings are wear items and the cable can have a large impact on the clutch pull. Muddy exposure or regular pressure washing can make them wear much quicker than you think. Try replacing the cable.

Many aftermarket clutch levers (especially the cheap imports) have a bad ratio, so it makes the clutch pull too stiffly. We’ve found that the stock Honda CR250 dirt bike lever is one of the best, and it can be used on just about any performance quad. The Works Connection lever has the same pull ratio as the Honda but also has adjust-on-the-fly and hot-start features.

Finally, inspect your quad’s clutch basket to see if it has grooves in it. Look specifically where the fiber plates drive the basket–grooves there will lead to a stiff pull and premature clutch wear. It can also lead to a broken basket.