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Polaris Sportsman Models Now Available

Models Available:

03-05: Sportsman 600
02-07: Sportsman 700 (EFI & Carb)
2005: Sportsman MV7
05-07: Sportsman 800 (Single, Dual, EFI, & EFI International)

System: Slip On


Swamp XL – $369.95
Swamp – $399.95

Sportsman owners rejoice! HMF Exhausts are now available for even more Sportsman Models! Available in the quiet Swamp Series or the extra loud Swamp XL Series, each system accepts an HMF Snorkel System and increases both torque and horse power. With the 2007 Sportsman 800 and the Swamp XL Series Exhaust, we were able to pick up 4 horse power over stock.

Swamp Series: The HMF Swamp Series was designed specifically for quads that need pure, all out horse power. Through the deep, muddy waters to the starting line of the GNCC, the Swamp Series blisters power that gives you absolute control. It features a 5″ stainless steel exhaust and produces very little sound dB over stock. And with the optional HMF Quiet Core, most machines can see a dB decrease over stock!

The Swamp XL Series: The cousin of the Swamp Series, the Swamp XL Series delivers the same insane power as the Swamp Series but with an unrestricted sound level. If you want to be heard tearing up the track or busting through the woods, the XL is the pipe your looking for. Also in a 5″ stainless steel can, this beast will give you all the power and noise you can handle.