Last time you shut off your quad, everything was working great…but now it won’t start. What do you do? First, check the battery. If it’s fully charged, move on and check the carburetor. If it’s not gummed up and seems to be in working order, check the ignition wire. If that’s not the culprit, install a new spark plug and see if it’ll fire up.

Are you still reading? Okay, if none of those are the reason your machine isn’t running, your next step is to delve deeper in to the carburetor. Pull out the pilot jet and look through it–if there’s any debris in it, you won’t see daylight. If it’s gunked up, replace it.

Next, check for spark. There may be an unplugged wire in the harness. Finally, if all else fails, check the stator. We suggest running through this list, but if you still can’t get your quad running bring it to a professional mechanic.