Field & Stream Online Editors

BH: Do you remember the first fish you caught?

DS: I sure do: a bluegill. My stepfather and I would just stop by the side of the road somewhere and throw out a line. Fishing is my therapy now. I get on the water and forget about everything.

BH: What’s your favorite kind of fishing?

DS: I’m a bass maniac. There’s a 10-acre bass lake right outside the house, and I hit it every day. My bread-and-butter lure is a 6-inch Zoom lizard in pumpkinseed. I love topwaters, too. Love to see that water blow up.

BH: What tackle do you use?

DS: I was a Zebco man for years. I just got into baitcasters in the past year. I’d go out every night to practice casting. Retirement has definitely helped my fishing.

BH: Do you fish with your kids?

**DS: **I’ve got four kids. Deion Jr. is 9 and he loves fishing. He and I talk and joke. And he knows when he gets a hit-he’s got the feel. Shilo is 3, and he just caught his first fish. And my wife fishes.

BH: Really? Your wife likes to fish?

DS: Yes. If you can find a woman who’ll fish with you, you got a shot at a long-term relationship.