Field & Stream Online Editors

A beast is dead in Alapaha, Georgia, and its legend is as big as its belly once was.

While hunting on a private Georgia plantation in June, guide Chris Griffin killed a feral hog that supposedly weighed 1,000 pounds and was 12 feet long, the Associated Press reported. The news of the animal has created a buzz in town and is even reaching a legend-like status with locals now referring to the beast as Hogzilla.’ “People just sit back and ask, is it real,'” one Alapaha resident told the AP regarding a photograph that captures a dwarfed Griffin standing beside the hog hanging from a rope.

But aside from the photograph, there is no other evidence of Hogzilla’s existence. Griffin buried the animal because he did not want to deal with the burden of having the meat butchered, and he said the head was too big to mount on a wall.

Ken Holyoak, a friend of Griffin and the owner of the plantation where Hogzilla was shot, said the previous record for feral hog on his land was 695 pounds. Plenty of feral hogs roam Holyoak’s land, and he usually allows people to hunt the animals, but Hogzilla was too big to give to a stranger. “We killed it because we didn’t want to take a chance of him getting away,” he told the AP. “Somebody else would have shot it.”