Field & Stream Online Editors

A hungry black bear roamed Aspen’s Business Center Saturday looking for a late-night snack. He passed a few stores that may have been too big and a few that were too small, until he found one that was just right: the shop with the best brownies in town.

According to the Aspen Times, the bear broke into Cloud Nine Brownies and wolfed down 48 of the bakery’s famous treats. He then rummaged through the store a bit longer, clawing a few empty pans in the back before he and his full belly decided to move on. The bear spared a bucket of sugar and a few bags of chocolate on his way out.

Jim and Jill Pomeroy, owners of Cloud Nine, received a call Sunday morning from one of their neighboring business owners who informed them of the break-in. The main door had apparently been left open, which meant the only barrier standing between the bear’s sweet tooth and brownie heaven was an inner door made of flimsy particleboard. “Hopefully, they’ll put a much more stable door on here,” Jim told the Aspen Times. Authorities believe that a bag of trash may have been left on a garbage bin near the store, which most likely lured the bear into the area.

Jill Pomeroy has managed to keep her sense of humor about the break-in and says that she and her husband might consider using the incident to boost Cloud Nine’s sales: “Our tag line could be, ¿¿¿Endorsed by local wildlife.'”