Field & Stream Online Editors

Spoiled elk meat never tasted so good. Monday a hunter from Marshfield, Maine won his case against UPS after the company ruined more than 70 pounds of elk meat he had shipped to his house after a hunting trip in Colorado, the Bangor Daily News reported.

The hunter, Edward Hennessey Jr., had arranged for his meat, which was frozen at the time, to be delivered to his house in Maine overnight. But employees from UPS assumed that the package contained dry ice and decided to ship the meat by a delivery truck. By the time it arrived to Hennessey’s house, the meat was rotten, and he refused to accept it.

After UPS failed to reimburse Hennessey for his loss, he sued the company for the value of the meat and cost of the elk hunt he took last fall. This week a judge gave him most of what he asked for, awarding him more than $3,000 in claims. Hennessey had asked to receive about $1,200 more to cover the cost of his trip. But while Hennessey expressed satisfaction with the judge’s decision, the case was still a reminder of the elk steaks Hennessey never got to eat. “I never wanted to file this action,” Hennessey told the Daily News. “I would not have had to do this if UPS had been responsible.”