Field & Stream Online Editors

Last week, 14-year-old fisherman Bobby Capri figured out what to do when your arms get tired from paddling a kayak: hook into a fish almost half your weight and let it take you for a ride.

Friday, the 115-pound teenager from New Jersey caught a 52.8-pound striped bass off Surf City while fishing from his kayak, The Press of Atlantic City reported. Capri came within five pounds of landing a world-record striper for his age group.

But setting the hook was only the beginning of the fun. The stubborn bass fought for more than 20 minutes, towing Capri past two jetties and pulling him in a dozen circles.

Capri finally pulled the fish aboard his kayak, but when he tried to paddle to shore the bow of the craft kept tipping below the water. Fifteen yards from the shore, Capri jumped out of the kayak and dragged the fish to land where he called his dad on his cellular phone, trying to guess at the size of his catch: “I knew I had something big,” Capri told The Press, “I just did not know how big.”