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In Florida, wild pigs are classified as game animals on state lands, and there is an official fall season. On private lands, they are considered domestic livestock, for which there is no closed season or bag limit, and hunting with spears, axes, or rocks is legal, if that’s your thing. Otherwise, take your rifle, muzzleloader, or handgun onto Native American ground at the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation in south-central Florida. Here, specialized buggies take you through an exotic landscape of cypress heads, hardwood hammocks, pine flats, and prairie grasses-all overrun with pigs.

Guides drop you off at prime stand locations where you may also see bears and, if you’re very lucky, a panther. “These are totally wild pigs roaming 3,500 acres of very wild habitat,” says Ed Woods, the director of the reservation’s Big Cypress Hunting Adventures. “And there are lots of pigs to go around, including some giant trophy boars. I don’t think we’ve ever had a hunt in which the client didn’t get a shot.”

Season Dates: Year-round on private land
Bag Limit: **None
**Nonresident License:
Not needed
Guide Fees: **$175 per hunter per day, plus $150 for a meat hog (includes skinning and quartering) or $325 for a trophy boar
Big Cypress Hunting Adventures, 800-689-2378

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