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4. MAINE [BRACKET “SNOWSHOE HARES”]The bunnies are abundant and the posted signs scarce up in the vast Maine woodlands. “Traveling sportsmen are amazed at how much open land there is,” says James Hall of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. At least 75 percent of the entire Downeast Maine region is open to hunting, the majority of which is commercially managed forest north of U.S. 1. “There’s excellent snowshoe hare habitat, and it’s very lightly hunted. Some logging roads may be closed in March due to mud, but there’s still good access along the main roads.”

Plenty of good terrain is available for do-it-yourself hunters-so much that hiring a guide is both advised and affordable. “We have very good snowshoe numbers,” say Randy Flannery, who runs Wilderness Escape outfitters in Danforth, about an hour and a half northeast of Bangor. “You can bring your own dogs or hunt with mine. Typically, everybody gets some shooting in. It’s lots of fun, and there’s virtually no hunting pressure.”

Season Dates: Open through March
Bag Limit: Four daily
Nonresident License: $33 for three-day small-game
**Guide Fees: **$125 per day (with beagles), including lodging and meals
**Contact: **Wilderness Escape Outfitters, 207-448-3238;

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