Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

If there’s one thing we sportsmen are full of, it’s opinions. Some of us happen to be full of something else as well, but that’s a different story. In any case, if you’ve ever wondered where your opinions stand in relation to fellow hunters and anglers around the country, here’s your chance to find out: the Dave’s Place Unscientific Poll of Outdoor Topics and Other Peripherally Related Matters.

I’ll post the questions, you choose your answers, and we’ll post the results. Here we go:

1. Quality Deer Management is:
A.good for the deer herd
B. good for hunters
C. both A and B
D. a euphemism for artificially growing trophy antlers

2. Hunting action figures are:
A. fun
B. educational
C. a little weird

3.On a deer rifle, a scope with a 50mm objective lens is:
A. too small
B. just right
C. a little much
D. a ridiculous abomination

4. **As a group, flyfishermen tend to be
intelligent and kind
B. skilled and artful
C. narcissistic and condescending
D. yarn-whipping jerks

5. **As a group, bass fishermen tend to be:
**fun loving and gregarious **
**enthusiastic and innovative

lacking refinement and taste
**beer-swilling Bubbas **

6. Dressing an infant in a camouflage onesie is:
**A. ** cute
**B. ** forward-thinking
**C. ** kind of disturbing

7. **Catch-and-release walleye fishing is:
great fun
**B. ** better than working
**C. ** pointless
**D. ** among the dumbest things you’ve ever heard of

8. As a sport, NASCAR is:
A. the best
B. fun to watch
C. a snorefest
D. a bunch of yahoos trying to kill each other

** 9.** Scent-eliminating clothing is:
A. very effective
B. somewhat effective
C. not worth the priice
D. a stinking load of marketing manure

10. Dave of Dave’s Place is:
**A. **unspeakably handsome and suave
**B. ** a good-enough guy, but not too bright
**C. ** a talentless moron
**D. **an annoying idiot