You entered hundreds of photos into our 2009 Online Fishing Contest, and now it’s time to announce the winners. Listed below are the lucky anglers that caught the biggest fish in each species category. Each will receive a tackle package valued at $400 courtesy of Pure Fishing. Congratulations to all these skilled anglers. Click on the species name to see photos of each catch – The Eds.

Largemouth Bass: Josh Cuda, 33″
Smallmouth Bass: Will Whitehead, 24.25″
Striped Bass (Freshwater): Matt Morgan, 50″
Hyrbid Striped Bass: Adam Truran, 33.3″
Bluegill/Sunfish Family: Kyle Riggleman, 14.97″
Crappie: Chris Newton, 19.5″
Muskellunge: Allen Fournier, 54″
Northern Pike: Will Whitehead, 54.5″
Chain Pickerel: Bobby Shiro, 27.5″
Yellow Perch: Kevin Sweeney, 15.75″
Walleye: Dave Bender, 34.5″
Blue Catfish: Jerry Uhrine, 52″
Bullhead Catfish: Alex Harmon, 27″
Channel Catfish: Bryant Dean II, 36″
Flathead Catfish: Danny Elser, 57.5″
Carp: Robert Anderson, 49.5″
Brook Trout: Anthony Tedesco, 23.5″
Brown Trout: Nick DeNunzio, 36″
Cutthroat Trout: Daniel McCreary, 35.78″
Lake Trout: Adam Kapaun, 45″
Rainbow Trout: Kenneth Van Dyken , 31″
Steelhead Trout: Justin Scott, 41.5″
Atlantic Salmon: Tyler Morey, 40″
Chinook Salmon: Ronald Trudeau, 60″
Coho Salmon: Zach Spence, 38″
Sockeye Salmon: Steve Cicciarelli, 32″
Bonefish: Dennis Mayer, 33″
Red Drum: Wayne Cook, 53″
Snook: Anthony Sinkel, 42″
Spotted Seatrout: Gary Morris, 27.5″
Striped Bass (Saltwater): Andrew Marshaleck, 53″