It seems like every November, we outdoorsmen and women get bombarded with all-deer, all-the-time. Heck, I admit I’m spending all of this week on stand and am blogging about deer over at the Great Plains Rut Report.

But, we should remember there are still a lot of folks who haven’t given up fishing for the season. Methinks they’re the smart ones, because they’ve probably had the water all to themselves while the rest of us are climbing trees. So, in honor of all the hardy anglers out there, here’s a cool cooking tip from Wild Chef reader Shawn McCardell of Frederick, Maryland.

“The recipe couldn’t get much simpler then this,” McCardell explained. “Clean your trout, scale on, hang on an iron hook through the mouth and cook over an open fire, turning once. No salt, no pepper, no lemon juice. Nothing except the fish, the fire and a little hardwood smoke. Remove from hook and peel back the skin. If done right the fish are moist, tender and fall right off the bone, but enough to stay intact in large chunks.

Thanks for the cool tip, Shawn. I really envy your wood-fired cooking setup. How about thee rest of you? Any other anglers out there still plying the waters? If so, how are you cooking up your catch?