Target: Walleyes
Lure: Jig
Rod: St. Croix Eyecon Snap Jig

The 18 offerings in St. Croix’s Eyecon series include everything from trolling rods to live-bait rods, and the Snap Jig model is dialed in for anglers chasing walleyes in rivers. A bit longer than other jigging rods, the Snap Jig provides more leverage when you need to work a heavier jig along the bottom in an area of swift current. $120


Target: Trout
Lure: Marabou jig
Rod: G. Loomis GL2 Trout Jig

Marabou jigs may not be staples for trout fishermen in all of the country, but G. Loomis thinks they should be, because they catch hog browns and ‘bows. That’s why the company developed the GL2 Trout Jig with a soft midsection, an extra-fast tip, and a powerful butt. This rod will get a marabou jig dancing like no other in any kind of flow. $175


Target: Smallmouths
Lure: Tube, jig
Rod: Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth

With a high-modulus graphite blank that detects the subtlest pickup, and titanium guides that reduce weight, Fenwick’s new custom smallmouth rod can effectively fish everything from a light tube to a heavy football jig. Though the rod is sensitive, its low-end power will beat the biggest bass you can find. The hidden-handle reel seat makes the rod more comfortable to grip. $130


Target: Largemouths
Lure: Crankbait
Rod: Quantum Tour KVD

This crankbait rod designed by Kevin VanDam might not win you millions, but it can help you score more largemouths on hard plastics. Made with E-Glass, the rod has a softer action that will help plant hooks without tearing them free. Quantum’s E-Glass is mixed with graphite to keep the weight (and arm fatigue) low. $150