The 10 Best Fishing-Themed Photo Stories of 2012

Field & Stream Online posts several photo galleries each week, featuring giant fish, great stories, and helpful tips. These 10 photo galleries are our editor's picks for the best of the year. Click on the photo or the links below to read the full stories.

Check out these photos from Kirk Deeter's expedition to Guyana, where he became one of the first fly fishermen to land a wild arapaima--the world's largest scaled freshwater fish.

Sharks vs. Bluefin

This giant bluefin still weighed close to 1,000 pounds after nearly all its tail was eaten by sharks. Read how Andrew Card (who was fishing alone) fought them off and got his catch to shore.

The Best of Catchbook

Our fishing iPhone app lets you turn fish pics into journal entries that automatically record the weather for your catches.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Artist Paul Puckett draws caricatures of pop culture icons in which familiar props get replaced with fish.

Hot Springs Suck

High temps and weird weather made spring 2012 especially challenging for anglers. Let's hope we don't need these tips in 2013.

Monster Long Island Striper

Blaine Anderson planned to spend a lazy day scouting his favorite fishing spots. Instead, he pulled this 74-pound striped bass from Long Island Sound.

Sharks Chomp Giant Squid

This dead giant became an easy meal for hungry blue sharks. Al McGlashan caught the feed on camera.

Fish From The Inside Out

Check out the skeletons of striped bass, winghead sharks, sawfish, triggerfish and more.

Michigan Record Muskie

These guys thought it was over after the two-hour fight with this record muskie, but the biggest challenge came when they tried to land the fish.

Encyclopedia of Bait

From Alabama Rig to Zoo Cougar: A guide to the best modern lures, rigs, and flies.