Shark Fishing photo

It’s that magical time of year…Shark Week has begun. The Discovery Channel has lots of cool shark documentaries and specials on the docket for their annual salute to the apex predators of the deep. They’ve also drawn some heat from viewers over a fictionalized special that aired Sunday about the extinct Megalodon, the largest shark to ever swim the oceans, and how some might still be alive. The “search” was kicked off by a recently uncovered photo of a Nazi U-Boat off Cape Town with what appears to be a 64-foot long shark in the background. You can watch a clip from “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” here.


Well, we haven’t written about any extinct sharks big enough to swallow a whale. And don’t worry, they really are extinct–but these are the 10 best, and true, shark-related articles, blogs, and videos featured on Field & Stream in the past two years. Take a look and get pumped for Shark Week!

Record Mako Shark Caught in California

Jason Johnston reeled in one of the largest sharks ever caught with a rod-and-reel–a 1,323.5-pound mako that could shatter the 12-year-old International Game Fish Association (IGFA) record of 1,221 pounds. See how he caught what may be the largest mako ever. Read story

Shark Steals Fish from Kayaker in Hawaii

The angler’s facial expression says it all. This is a definite change-your-shorts moment. Would you swear off kayak fishing the sea if this happened to you? Read blog

Hook Shots: Adventures in Florida Land Sharking

Luck was on host Joe Cermele’s side when he set out for surf sharks on Florida’s east coast. Watch him battle this monster shark here. Watch Hook Shots episode

Free-Diver Kimi Werner Rides Great White Shark

So what did Werner do when she encountered a great white shark while diving? She grabbed its dorsal fin and went for a ride. Wouldn’t you? Read blog

Best. Shark Week. Commercial. EVER!

Possibly the most epic and genius Shark Week commercial ever made. Of course, the Discovery Channel is taking a fair amount of heat for it. What do you think? Did they cross the line? R.I.P., Snuffy the seal. Read blog

Surprise! You’re Swimming in a Blood Cloud with a Huge Shark

Photographer Al McGlashan’s assignment was to film a textbook release of a striped marlin caught and tagged by New South Wales fisheries officials. But a 10-foot mako shark that had been stalking the shoot decided to flip the script. _Read blog

Massive Mako Shark on the Fly

(Warning: Video contains explicit language.) Imagine what it will be like to have a 500- to 800-pound at end of your fly line. Check out this video and you won’t be disappointed. Probably one of the most amazing fights you’ll see in a long time. Read blog

Great White Sharks Breaching for Photog’s Synthetic Seal Lure

Be glad you’re not a seal. Great whites 20-feet-long can rocket up from deep-water hides at speeds of 35 miles an hour to ambush Cape fur seals, their momentum carrying them beyond the water’s surface and high into the air. View photos

300_-_Pound Mako Leaps in NJ Anger’s Boat

Two Garden State anglers got more than they bargained for near the Manasquan Inlet when they hooked an 8-foot, 303-pound mako–and it leapt into their 31-foot boat. [_Read blog


Mako Shark Stuck in Propeller Costs Crew $63K in Tournament Winnings

The crew aboard the Blinky 4, a 50-foot Viking sportfisher, thought they had the tournament-winning shark on the end of the line — then the mako wedged itself between the prop and the rudder. Read story