We put 10 top bass guides on the water with 10 all-new bass baits to find out which ones are worth buying — and which you can leave on the shelf. We also sized up new-for-2014 lures designed for fish other than bass. Here’s a rundown of the best:

Crappies: Baby Shad Swim’R


Lure photos by Luke Nilsson

Though it measures only 21⁄4 inches, an extra-long, thin paddle tail and a pinched section at the tail’s base give this little swimmer far more action than a standard crappie tube. Troll it, cast it, jig it–this lure looks good no matter how you retrieve. $3.39 per pack;

Inshore Saltwater: Live Target Shrimp


Whether you’re after redfish, snook, stripers, or seatrout, this shrimp will fool them, as it’s arguably the most realistic imitator ever created. It’s also infused with real shrimp scent. Fish it solo or under a popping cork and hold on tight. $9 per pack;

Muskies: Suick Thriller HI


The HI in this bait’s name stands for “high impact.” It has the same form as the classic wooden Suick Thriller, but this new heavy-duty plastic version should stand up to any rocks, gravel, or muskie teeth it encounters. $25;

Trout: Panther Martin FishSeeUV Spinner


Available in all popular trout sizes–with or without feather-dressed hooks–these old-school spinners are sporting new-school UV-reflective paint jobs that provide more visibility in murky water and low-light conditions. Starting at $4.20;

Walleyes: Reef Runner Skinny Dipper


With its squared body and slightly scooped head, this bait is designed to swim seductively while being trolled at super-slow speeds. The long lip sends it deep. $7.49;