The most epic road trip? Life on the pro bass tour. FLW and B.A.S.S. vet Jason Christie spoke to us about life on the road—from the road:

The season starts in February and goes to September or October. I don’t have an event every single week, but my schedule is very busy. Last year I drove 40,000 miles.

If it’s a really long drive, I’ll have someone in the truck to help, but usually I’m alone—which means lots of country music and hands-free phone time. I’ll start at the top of my contact list and go all the way down. I try to stay in houses over motels. It’s nice to cook and have your own room and to be in a place that feels like a home. I also try to stay away from fast food.

I enjoy my job, but it’s hard to be away from my wife and kids. I have three young girls, and they’re active in everything. Pictures and videos don’t put Daddy at the game or spelling bee. My wife does a great job while I’m gone. As hard as my job is, she does twice the work.

Just thinking about coming home after a long stretch gives me goose bumps. When I pull into the garage, the pressure falls off my shoulders. I’ll go inside and sit down, and the girls will surround me. No matter if I finish first or 100th, they don’t care. They’re just glad I’m home.

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