Photo by Dan Saelinger

Don’t let a leaky boot be the end of your day. Canvas, rubber, or breathable waders usually require 24 hours to repair, but toss this emergency patch kit in your vest and you’ll be back on the water after lunch. Note, this fix won’t allow moisture to escape, but will a square inch of nonbreathable material kill you?

Patch Kit Materials

1) Small pouch or zip-seal bag for storage
2) Aqua seal for gluing the patch
3) Cool-240 to speed drying time
4) Coffee Stirrers to spread Aquaseal
5) Woman’s nylons for flexible patch
6) Knife to cut patch
7) Latex glove to protect your hand from glue


1) Clean the area around the hole with an alcohol swab.
2) Close the tear with a strip of tape on the inside of your waders.
3) Cut a patch from a woman’s nylon stocking to cover the hole.
4) Mix 1 part Cotol-240 accelerator with 3 to 4 parts Aquaseal using a coffee stirrer or brush.
5) Spread the mixture around the tear, extending the glue 1⁄3 inch beyond the patch size.
6) Place the patch in the mixture and lay it flat over the tear.
7) Apply a light additional coat of glue on top, and lay the waders flat to dry for one hour.