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Catching a muskie on a fly is one of fishing’s ultimate challenges. Here are three pieces of gear to help you get the job done.

1. Redington Behemoth


The die-cast Behemoth 11/12 is a true tank. Best of all, it’s very affordable. The deep V large arbor winds line evenly so it won’t stack when you’re cranking on a muskie.

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Affordable, durable, and ready for big still-water muskies.

2. Cabela’s Atoll


The recoil guides and heavy backbone of the Atoll make it perfect for muskies. The 12-weight turns over big flies with ease, and its construction allows it to take—and dish out—a serious beating.

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A big stick for slinging big flies.

3. Rio InTouch Pike/Musky


With a short head and power-ful front taper, this line will smoothly and effortlessly deliver the bulkiest, hairiest muskie fly you can tie without wearing you down.

muskie line, best muskie line, new muskie line,
Heavy line for chucking gnarly flies.

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