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Dropping crappie jigs through flooded timber is a go-to strategy for slabs, and a float tube lets you fish the gnarliest woods without fear of busting a prop or spooking the fish. The beauty of tube fishing here is how quickly and stealthily you can move from tree to tree, so don’t linger long. Target a treetop, make four vertical jigging drops, then kick to the next tree. And with every strike, take careful notice of depth, which side of the tree the fish was on, and the tree’s size. If the bite slows, you’ll know where to target your efforts.

Step 1: Before snuggling up next to a tree, pitch a jig to each side of the trunk and let it fall through the water column to pick off fish holding away from the structure.

Step 2: No bite? Open the bail and let the lure hit the bottom. Retrieve slowly.

Step 3: Once you’ve fished the water adjacent to the tree, move in. Get directly beside the tree trunk. Open the bail and let the jig drop straight down against the trunk. Reel back slowly. Repeat on the other side of the tree.

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Illustration by Jason Schneider