Bluegill Fishing photo

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The Bait Chef: How to Make Mean, Green Bluegill… by FieldandStream

Bluegill are a refined, cultured fish, known for their appreciation of the arts, literature, and, above all, fine dining. They won’t go for just any bait, so if you want to catch a mess of them, you’ll need to appeal to their palates. Here’s how to make bait balls that not even the most discerning of panfish can resist.

1 ½-cup flour
¾-cup Mountain Dew
¼-cup sugar
1-tablespoon lime Jell-O
Water (as needed)

1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine flour and Mountain Dew. Mix thoroughly.

2. Add sugar, Jell-O, and water (as needed), to dissolve all ingredients. Consistency should be soft and sticky, but not runny.

3. Refrigerate for 3–4 hours before use.

4. Roll dough bait into balls no bigger than a pea.

Using ultra-light tackle and a #8 or #10 bait-holder hook, fish the balls under a small float near submerged brush or trees.