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Swarovski | EL 32

Fact: If you can’t see the buck, you can’t shoot the buck.

That’s why high-quality optics are such a good investment-they can often be the difference between detecting an antler among the branches and seeing nothing but a wall of twigs. Calling the Swarovski EL 32 binocs “high quality” is an understatement: With a resolution and brightness that can make a whitetail’s eye stand out in a screen of sun-dappled alders, these glasses provide an unparalleled level of detail, especially at dusk and dawn.

Available in 8×32 and 10×32 versions, the EL 32 is lightweight, durable (cased in a magnesium-alloy housing), waterproof (to 13 feet), and compact (you can use it with one hand), which makes it the perfect choice for hunters on the move. _$1,554¿¿¿$1,639; 401-734-1800; _

Why it wins: Near-perfect resolution in a lightweight package