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[BRACKET “Gun Tool”]
For gun users, the screwdriver is the basic tool. There’s not even a close second. I have been screwing around with this set for six months now, and trust me, it is the best screwing I have ever done. Wheeler actually hired a gunsmith to take the dimensions of all the screwhead sizes commonly used in guns (can you imagine anything more boring?), and it paid off. There are 54 flat-ground bits, eight Allen bits, four Phillips bits, and three Torx bits, and they all fit perfectly.

The handle is even better. Molded in place, it has some give and allows you to apply great force while retaining excellent “feel,” so you don’t twist the heads off fragile screws. For gunsmiths, there is a Professional Set ($105) with 17 additional specialty bits and tools. $75; 877-509-9160; -D.E.P.

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