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**Kahles American Hunter (RF) 2X¿¿¿7X Rifle Scope **

There are at least half a dozen wonderful .22 rifles on the market, but until now, there has not been a high-grade scope that was designed for rimfires. Scopes made for centerfire rifles are parallax-adjusted for 150 yards, and because most .22s are used at 25 to 50 yards, misses can result if you’re shooting at something small.

Kahles, which is a subsidiary of Swarovski and is one of the world’s oldest optics companies, has gotten there first with a 2X¿¿¿7X scope that’s regulated for 50 yards and proportioned for use on rimfires. It comes with a plex-style reticle and is some nice scope, believe you me. To introduce it, Kahles is offering the scope, a brick of Winchester .22 ammo, and a set of Dave Talley scope rings for $532.22, and the offer may still be good by the time you read this. This is a scope that is long overdue, and Kahles did it to perfection.