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Quake Industries
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The innovative accessory company has combined two products to assist muzzleloader hunters. It has added a Powerbelt SpeedClip loader to its Claw Muzzleloader Sling. That puts three extra rounds at a hunter’s fingertips, for quick and easy reloading. The loader also conveniently stores three 209 primers. Works with .45- or .50-caliber Pyrodex pellets and any muzzleloading projectile.

The Quake Claw Muzzleloader Sling comes ready to install with Hushstalker II swivels, which are designed so they won’t mar the finish or scratch the stock. The sling’s patented “no slip, all grip” design ensures that the rifle will stay on the shoulder. Booth #3113. (770-449-4687; O.F. Mossberg & Sons
Turkey hunters will see two new versions of Mossberg’s Ulti-Mag 835 shotgun this year in the Thumbhole Turkey and Tactical Turkey models. Each is built on the 835 pump-action, which is capable of handling all 12-gauge loads up to 3.5 inches. Both new models come with 20-inch interchangeable barrels that are overbored for improved pattern control and equipped with an X-Factor ported choke tube in .695 constriction, a vent rib with adjustable fiber-optic sights, an ambidextrous thumb-operated safety and a rubber recoil pad.

The essential difference between the two is in the stock design. The Thumbhole Turkey features a laminated thumbhole stock; the Tactical Turkey incorporates a high-impact polymer stock with a full-pistol grip and has a six-position adjustment button that allows the length of pull to be quickly adjusted from 10¿¿ to 145/8 inches. Additionally, the Tactical Turkey comes with a five-shot sidesaddle ammo carrier, nylon forearm strap and a full-length sling. Both models are available in High-Definition camo finishes. SRP: $574. Booth #3851. (800-363-3555;


Mossy Oak Apparel Elite II vest features a thick spine pad. Its seat is almost as comfortable as an overstuffed sofa. More than 20 custom pockets with cushions make it a practical solution for just about any turkey hunter.| **Mossy Oak Apparel **
Built on a mesh frame with two deep inside pockets, the Elite II vest has a place for everything. The back has a thick spine pad and the butt seat is sofa thick. The vest suspends a heavy load well and is comfortable to wear for a long day in the woods. More than 20 custom pockets with cushions make it a practical solution for just about any turkey hunter. The Elite II is the official vest of the NWTF. SRP: $79. Booth #6443. (800-331-5624;

**Buck Knives **
Buck Knives is unveiling a new line of rugged, value-priced, American-made hunting knives. There are 12 models in the new Omni Hunter Series of fixed-blade and folding knives. Of the fixed-blade models, the largest has a 4-inch blade and an overall length of 9¿¿ inches. The smaller model has a 3-inch blade and an overall length of 7¿¿ inches. On the larger models, there’s a choice of a clean drop-point blade or a combination with an inset gut-hook. SRP: $38 to $57.

The folding knives feature a 4-inch blade on the largest and a 3-inch blade on the smallest. The large models are available with or without the patented gut-hook. The handles are thermoplastic with a rubber overgrip, available in black or deep green with camo. SRP: $45 to $64. All have 420HC steel blades and come with a black nylon sheath. The blades are finished with Buck’s advanced Edge2x technology, so they are sharper out of the box, hold an edge longer and are easier to resharpen. They’re backed by Buck’s 4-Ever Warranty. Booth #5337. (800-326-2825; buck

Robinson Labs
Sportsmen’s Edge vitamin supplement, developed by two board- certified physicians, gives hunters the specific nutrients they need to improve stamina while afield. Taking two tablets a day improves cognitive concentration, vision, hearing, odor control and stamina, according to its developers. The supplement has also been formulated to help prevent altitude sickness. SRP: $19.99. Booth #6401. (507-263-2885;

**Brownells **
Ever dreamed of a power scrubber that could make short work of cleaning a shotgun barrel? Brownells has got it. A new drill-chuckable rod, machined from solid brass, gives gun owners and gunsmiths the ability to reduce cleaning time for even the most heavily fouled bores.

The new rod is 38 inches long and has a 5/16-inch diameter. It includes a ¿¿-inch hex for quick hand-drill attachment and a 5/16-inch 27 female thread that accepts all standard shotgun cleaning accessories. SRP: $25.44 Booth #8725. (800-741-0015;


Zeiss Victory Diarange M 3¿¿¿12×56 T* Laser Range-Finding Riflescope is accurate out to 999 yards.| Zeiss
Ask any guide: most hunters are lousy judges of distance. That’s one reason sales of laser range finders are so strong. But often hunters simply don’t have the time to put down their binoculars, pick up a range finder and then acquire the target in their riflescope. Zeiss seeks to make things a whole lot simpler through its new Victory Diarange M 3-12×56 T* Laser Range-Finding Riflescope. The range finder takes only half a second to establish distance and the eye never leaves the ocular lens. It’s accurate out to 999 yards and has been designed for simple, fast and accurate operation, even in low-light situations. The scope uses a rail-mounting system and offers four different illuminated reticles. Available in August 2006. SRP: $4,350. Booth #5429. (800-441-3005;

Introduced at the 2005 SHOT Show, HideAway Hunting Gear aims to deliver unique and innovative features partnered with rugged, quality construction. For 2006, HideAway unveils a new line of universal gun cases featuring the Custom Gun Fit (CGF) System with Muzzle Shock (M-Shock). Available in shotgun and rifle versions, the patented system features a hard exterior muzzle guard that houses several adjustable foam plugs. The rugged exterior protects the firearm while the plugs allow the consumer to customize the case to fit a firearm of any size. SRP: Starts at $44.99.

The 2006 line will also introduce two new packs full of features like an external-frame system that is both lightweight and breathable. Both boast a navigation-light system incorporated into the shoulder strap. SRP: Starts at $24.99. Booth #7766. (800-237-3224;