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The camp stove is an outdoor classic. Who hasn’t enjoyed frying fresh trout or boiling high-jolt coffee on a two-burner? But in cold weather or high winds, outdoorsmen often wished for a more reliable fuel-delivery system. Last year Coleman made their wishes come true by introducing a brand-new fuel system-the Powermax Fuel cartridge. The result is a compact, reliable fuel source that will perform in below-zero temperatures. New this year is the Powermax two-burner tabletop grill-stove. Operation is dead simple. Just insert the compact, self-sealing, recyclable cartridge in the back of the stove and click on the electronic ignition. No matches! List price is $99. The Coleman Company, Dept. FS, P.O. Box 2931, Wichita, KS 67201; 316-832-8757