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1. Wolverine Mammoth
With 1,200 grams of Thinsulate and a full-grain leather and Cordura upper, the Mammoths will keep your feet happy on a cold day. The shock-absorbent insole and outsole stand up to rocks, and the steel toe protects you from dropped tree stands and other assorted equipment. $185; 800-270-6079;

**2. Lowa Baffin **
Are you a serious hiker who lugs a heavy pack over rocky, uneven terrain? If so, this is your boot. Inside, a firm insole and supersoft leather liner offer significant blister protection. $230; 203-353-0116;

**3. Lacrosse Bitterroot PFT 14″ **
This trim pac boot is as rugged as the mountain range it’s named after. Fitting easily into a saddle stirrup, the Bitterroot is perfect for elk hunters. $140; 800-323-2668;

4. Rocky Lynx 800
Think of these boots as tennis shoes you can wear in winter. The Lynx comes stuffed with 800 grams of Thinsulate and a Gore-Tex boot lining. They are so comfortable that you might find yourself wearing them every day. $110; 740-753-1951;

5. L.L. Bean Mountain Hunters
Whether you’re chasing muleys, whitetails, or pheasants, these L.L. Bean boots cover ground. Classic premium waterproof all-leather uppers are sewn to a triple-layer leather stout midsole and finished with a Vibram bottom. $190; 800-441-5713;

[NEXT “Click Here for More Boots”] ** 6. Ranger Manitoba Camo Side Zipper**
Not just another pair of rubber boots, Manitobas are great for a day in the tree stand or a long walk tracking your deer. A side zipper allows you to open the boots wide for easy on and off. $80; 800-777-9021;

7. Cabela’s Pinnacle Zip Uninsulated Boot
Weighing around 2 pounds apiece, these boots are very supportive. The Asystec sole ensures that you’ll be comfortable standing on the steel grate of a tree stand all day. $120; 800-237-4444;

8. Muck Arctic Sport
These durable boots will keep you warm enough to stay in a tree stand for hours on a 20-degree day. They fit like sneakers and kick off just as easily. $110; 877-438-6825;

**9. Irish Setter Wingshooters **
At 17 inches tall and about 21/2 pounds per boot, Wingshooters are for all-day walking. They’re extraordinarily well made, down to the small details. $270; 888-738-8370;

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