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1. Cabela’s Alaskan Guide “Zipper” by BUCK
I don’t care for gut hooks, but a lot of hunters like them. If you do, you might want to try the Alaskan Zipper, which has the benefit of being crafted from S30V steel, offering superb edge retention and hardness, while remaining easy to resharpen. $85; 800-237-4444;

**2. TOPS Sierra Scout **
TOPS tactical knives are rugged, and I’ve no doubt the Sierra Scout could do anything from slicing metal to sticking a dinosaur for dinner. The dropped point, broad spine, and sweep of belly are equally useful for boning, chopping, and skinning. $150; 208-542-0113;

**3. KJ Eriksson Mora **
Swedish Mora knives are the woodsman’s choice throughout the world’s boreal forests. Priced at a pittance, they offer ample proof that most knives amount to steel blades encased in jewelry. Is there anything a $200 hunting knife can do that a Mora can’t? No, there isn’t. $10; 888-600-6869;

**4. Chris Reeve Ubejane Skinner **
Former South African soldier Reeve is best known for his tactical knives, but the Ubejane is a woodsman’s survival knife. The blade is heavy enough for chopping and wide and thick enough to permit a forward grip for control in caping and other fine work. $265; 208-375-0367;

**5. Columbia River Knife & Tool Chugach Range Pro Hunter **
Designed by Alaskan guide Russ Kommer, the Chugach Range Hunter is one of a three-knife series, each with a slightly different blade design. Crafted for skinning and caping duties, the modified drop point gives superb control for almost any hunting task. $150; 800-891-3100;

6. Becker Knife & Tool Necker
For backpack hunters, a knife can often bind under the pack’s waist belt. A neck knife is a great solution; it’s comfortable to carry, readily drawn, and unlikely to be lost. At 21/2 ounces, the Necker won’t give you neck cramp and has plenty of backbone. $50; 800-344-0456;

Knives [NEXT “Click Here for more KNIVES”] 7. Buck Alpha Crosslock
With a nicely proportioned drop point and a stout combination gut hook¿¿¿bone saw, the Alpha Crosslock puts every tool a hunter needs neatly inside a pants pocket. $90; 800-326-2825;

**8. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools PowerLock **
The PowerLock isn’t a hunting knife, but don’t leave home without it. It’s the tool you keep in camp to fix bows and other gear so you can keep hunting. All the tools lock, and the compound-leverage pliers generate twice the gripping power of the pliers included in most multitools. $85; 888-764-2378;

9. Victorinox Hunter
This is the finest lightweight hunting tool I’ve ever used. Although the locking blade is nothing to crow about, the saw has made bone dust out of every deer breastbone I’ve tested it on, which is quite a few. The gutting blade is simply the best. $40; 800-442-2706;

10. Gerber Freeman Exchange-A-Blade
A worthy addition to the Freeman line, this knife comes with three blades. To switch them, you simply depress a button release, pull out one blade, and insert another. $75; 800-950-6161;


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