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(6) Leupold M8 6X x 42mm 11.3 ounces / ER 4.5 / AF / $350
Is 6X too much for woods hunting and too little for prairies? No, and this one is supertough and superbright, with long eye relief-perfect with a Heavy Duplex reticle.

(7) Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5X¿¿¿10X x 40mm 16 ounces / ER 3.5¿¿¿3.25 / AF / $400
Hunt all you want with a hard-kicking rifle, and the 4200 remains as precise and exceptionally bright as the day it was made. It’s a super all-around variable.

(8) Swarovski PV 3X¿¿¿12X x 50mm 17.75 ounces / ER 4¿¿¿3 / EF / $1,300
For long-range shooting, this scope’s reticle stays the same size in relationship to the target no matter what the magnification. The PV is one of the most rugged Euros.

** (9) Nikon Monarch UCC 4X x 40mm 11.6 ounces / ER 3.75 / AF / $240**
Four-power scopes provide all the magnification you need for 95 percent of big-game hunting. This one’s quite tough, with excellent eye relief and very bright optics.

(10) Weaver Grand Slam 1.5X¿¿¿5X x 32mm 10.5 ounces / ER constant 3 / EF / $400
This scope is very bright, with a great all-around magnification range. A large power-change collar, however, calls for medium-size scope rings.

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