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1. Jarrett Signature Rifle
After 20 years of building rifles on other makers’ bolt actions, Kenny Jarrett is now making his own-the Tri-Lock-and producing his own barrels and stocks as well (see the Rifles department). Signature rifles are available with either synthetic or wood stocks and will outshoot anything you can buy. They’re expensive, but worth it. $6,880 with Tri-Lock receiver; 803-471-3616; Jarrett Rifles

2. Tikka T3 Laminated Stainless
The synthetic-stocked T3 is a near perfect rifle-accurate, affordable, handy. But weighing just over 6 pounds, it will knock your block off when chambered for hard kickers like the .300 Win Mag. and .338. This new laminated-stock version weighs 73/4 pounds, which is still on the light side but makes these two very useful calibers bearable. $825-$860; 301-283-2191; Beretta USA

3. Weatherby Vanguard
The Vanguard has been around for years, but this is a new version, improved and with a better price. It comes in blued-steel, stainless, and camo-stocked versions. The basic Vanguard is an astounding bargain, and in the underrated .257 Weatherby chambering it makes a damn fine deer rifle. $480; 805-466-1767; Weatherby

4. Savage Model 11FNS
No factory rifle has a finer reputation for accuracy than Savage’s. This most recent evolution of the proven Model 110 action incorporates the company’s new Accu-Trigger, which virtually transforms the gun. Is it beautiful? No. Will you prop it in the corner and admire its graceful lines? No. Will it shoot? Oh boy. $475; 413-568-8386; Savage Arms

5. Nesika Hunting Rifle Model T
Nesika specializes in actions for hyperaccurate varmint and benchrest rifles, but they also build completed hunting rifles with an endless list of optional features. Whatever you choose, the finished gun is guaranteed to shoot one-half minute of angle. Yes, 1/2 inch. Starting at $3,710; 605-347-3220; Nesika

6. CZ-USA Model 3
CZ is a Czech gunmaker with a reputation for excellent quality at reasonable prices. The Model 3, however, is made in the United States by people with vowels in their names. It’s stainless steel and walnut, and while the action looks like a Model 70 Winchester, it’s more like a modified Mauser. It’s available in .270, 7mm, and .300 WSM only. $850; 800-955-4486; CZ USA

7. Ed Brown Damara
This is a true lightweight, scaling at just over 6 pounds without scope. It comes with all the wonderful quality that you get in Ed Brown’s standard-weight rifles. $3,100; 573-565-3261; Ed Brown

8. Marlin Model 1895 Guide Gun
Sure, the Guide Gun in .45/70 has been around for a couple of years, but in the opinion of this grizzled reporter, it’s the best gun Marlin has ever made. So handy! So powerful! So accurate! Pick one up, and I guarantee you’ll go crazy for it. $630; 203-239-5621; Marlin Firearms