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Field & Stream Online Editors

Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Fisherman Multitool

There’s no shortage of multitools around, but Gerber’s Fisherman Multi-Plier 600 is designed specifically for anglers. It has extra-long, needle-nose plier jaws with precision-gripping flat tips, perfect for unhooking fish and debarbing hooks; superstrong carbide-steel cutter inserts that can easily be changed in the unlikely event of a damaged edge; and line-splicing band crimpers in three sizes. The stainless-steel handles, with a safety lock system, can be opened with one hand and have both inch and metric scales. The tool has the typical multiuse components, plus a carbide groove to sharpen hooks, a split-ring and split-shot spreading wedge, a retractable lanyard, and Fiskars scissors that cut through braided and fused fishing line. The real-world price of around $80 includes a sheath. Gerber Legendary Blades, 800-950-6161;

— Ken Schultz

Leupold Scopesmith Magnetic Boresighter

This little device (it’s about the size of a butane lighter with a goiter) will fit in a shirt pocket with room to spare. It can save you worlds of aggravation by getting any long gun from a .22 rifle to a 12-gauge shotgun onto the paper without firing a shot. If you bang your scope, this gem will tell you if you’ve knocked it out of zero. It requires no spuds and costs around $40. It’s unlike any other boresighter on the market-and can save a hunting trip all by itself. Call 503-646-9171;

— D.E.P.