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Hennessy Expedition Hammock

At 21/4 pounds, the Hennessy Expedition Hammock is a survival shelter, a comfortable alternative to a tent-particularly in wet or rocky country-or a cozy place for a streamside nap before the evening hatch. With its rain fly and built-in bug netting, the hammock will admirably isolate you from weather and uninvited guests. Its unique feature, however, is a lateral, Velcro-sealed entrance slit. Stick your upper body through the slit, sit down in the hammock, and draw up your legs. Tension keeps the slit closed while you are sleeping, and the Velcro dissuades bugs from getting in when the hammock is empty. Actual set-up time is under three minutes. If you stretch the hammock tight and stabilize it with its two lateral guylines, you don’t need to sleep in the typical hammock fetal position but can stretch out, sort of catty-cornered, and sleep deep…ZZZZzzzzz. Priced at $119 from Hennessy Hammock, 888-539-2930;

-Lionel Atwill

Evertroll Trolling Motor Battery

his maintenance-free 45-pound nickel-zinc battery provides 150 amp-hours of run time for your trolling motor at 12 volts-the equivalent of two 60-pound lead-acid batteries. Completely sealed in a heavy-duty marine-plastic case, the battery can be recharged over 600 times and comes with an unconditional three-year warranty. It even has a built-in charger (just plug it into a 110-volt outlet for a full charge in less than seven hours). The dimensions are 13 inches long by 7 inches wide by 10 inches high, and the price is now just $449. From Evercel, 877-383-7235;

–Bob Stearns