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Leica LRF 800 Rangemaster

It had a hard time getting born-there were bugs in the first ones-but there ain’t no bugs in it now. The Leica LRF 800 is an extremely powerful rangefinder, but it is also very light (10 ounces), very small, very simple to use, and priced at $450 or less. It is accurate from 10 yards to 800, works from ¿¿¿14¿¿ to 122¿¿ F, and is weatherproof. The 7X eyepiece doubles as a dandy monocular. The LRF 800 is the class of the field. For information, contact 800-222-0118;

– D.E.P.

Gorilla – Baby Gorilla Tree Stands

Those of us who kill deer from a fixed-position tree stand learn a simple truth very quickly: You can’t have too many stands. The problem is, the dollars required to buy an adequate number are beyond most of us. Gorilla Treestands has now changed all that. For a little over $50 (retail for the Baby Gorilla model) you can buy a light, strong, safe stand that’s a snap to set up and a joy to hunt from. For the $150 you’d spend on one ordinary tree stand, you can get three Baby Gorillas, which is the whole point: He who has the most stands hanging gets the deer. Gorilla Treestands, Dept. FS, P.O. Box 380, Flushing, MI 48433; 810-733-6360;

– Scott Bestul