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Ruger .480 Super Redhawk Revolver This is the ultimate hunting handgun, courtesy of Sturm, Ruger: the big, rugged Super Redhawk revolver combined with Ruger’s first-ever cartridge, the .480 (manufactured by Hornady). It provides far more power than a .44 magnum but kicks only a trifle harder. It’s a highly accurate revolver that can be used by anyone who can shoot a .44 magnum. Light it’s not, dainty it ain’t, but if you can’t do it with the .480 Super Redhawk, you probably can’t do it with a handgun. The price, with scope rings and high-impact locking case, is $745. See

Hevi-Shot quite possibly are the ugliest shot pellets ever made. They are also the hardest hitting, for these misshapen tungsten-iron-nickel globules are actually denser than lead or any other nontoxic shot. Hevi-Shot therefore retains energy and velocity better than any other pellets and prints awesomely tight patterns, making Hevi-Shot just the thing for turkeys and long-range waterfowl.

Hevi-Shot received full approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for waterfowl hunting last year and can be fired out of any gun suitable for steel shot. It’s not cheap; 11/4-ounce, 23/4-inch 12-gauge loads of Hevi-Shot sell for $17.50 per box of 10. From Environ-Metal, Dept. FS, 1307 Clark Mill Rd., Sweet Home, OR 97386; 541-367-3522;

-Philip Bourjaily