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Field & Stream Online Editors

Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scopes

Zeiss is one of our oldest scope makers, but until now it has been unable to crack the American market in a meaningful way. If they can’t do it with the Conquest scopes, they can’t do it, because these are outstanding. There is a 3X¿¿¿9X ($499), a 3.5X¿¿¿10X ($599), and a 4.5X¿¿¿14X ($749). The optics are wonderful, eye relief is an ample 4 inches, the adjustments may be the best of any scope, the tubes are long enough for easy mounting on any rifle, and the prices are too low, if anything. This time, Zeiss paid attention and did everything right. What more do you want, an egg on your Schnitzel Holstein? For more information, visit any Zeiss dealer, or go to

— D.E.P.

G.Loomis Escape Travel Spinning and Baitcasting Rods

There has always been a smattering of baitcasting and spinning travel rods on the market, and plenty of travel-model fly rods, but G. Loomis has the most serious and most wide-ranging lineup, capable of tussling with everything from trout to tarpon. The heavier-action models are tough enough to stop a train. There are seven baitcasting rods and nine spinning rods, all with a distinctive black-cherry-red finish. All Escape rods are three-piece, with fixed reel seats and Fuji Alconite guides (insert rings). Prices range from $225 to $300. G. Loomis, 800-662-8818;

— Ken Schultz

Golden Key Futura Tranquilizer Stabilizer

With today’s high-tech, superfast compound bows, shock, vibration, and noise are bugaboos that bowhunters must control to achieve consistent arrow flight and prevent game from “jumping the string” when the arrow is released. The Golden Key Futura Tranquilizer has been shown to reduce the noise from a bow shot by up to 12 decibels and to reduce vibration by up to 70 percent. At just 51/2 ounces, its 71/4-inch length preserves a bow’s balance. It’s available in six popular camo patterns as well as solid black. About $40¿¿¿$45. Golden Key Futura, Dept. FS, P.O. Box 1446, Montrose, CO 81402; 970-249-6700;

— Bob Robb