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Jazz 300

Stay plugged in to the Information Age with the Jazz 300 power inverter. Perfect for a car or boat, this portable electronic device connects (via cable) to a vehicle’s battery and converts 12 volts of DC power to standard household power up to 300 watts, allowing you to operate items such as a laptop computer, a 13-inch TV, or a work light. Two DC cables and two AC outlets are included. The Jazz line also features 150- and 500-watt inverters, plus a 250-watt integrated power/jump-start model. From Xantrex Technology. Suggested retail: $39.95. 800-670-0707;
-Daria Gionta

** Magellan’s New Meridian Gold GPS**

Jazz 300 & Meridian Gold GPSMagellan’s new Meridian Gold GPS features a built-in 16-megabyte database of cities, roadways, and parks, and an expansion slot for adding up to 64 MB more of secure digital memory, to which one can download topographical or detailed street data from Magellan’s MapSend CD-ROMs. The unit is powered by two AA batteries and has all the bells and whistles one expects in a cutting-edge GPS. Weighing 8 ounces, the Gold measures 6.5×2.9×1.2 inches and sells for approximately $299. % 909-394-5000;
-Lionel Atwill