Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

At day two of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, our editors uncovered even more great new products. Take a look at some these innovative gear pieces due to hit the shelves in 2002.

The SHOT Show is the largest hunting, shooting, outdoor trade show with over 1,400 exhibitors.

Burris Landmark Spotting Scope and Compact Landmark Spotting Scope Landmark from Burris is a line of high performance waterproof and fogproof optics. The latest in this line includes a new 20X-60X-80mm spotting scope (see right photo, top). This is an upgrade from a previous model which had lower magnification.

The other addition to the Landmark group is the 20X-50mm Compact Landmark Spotting Scope. This scope fits in palm of your hand, which makes it a great travelling companion for any hunter.

CCI Velocitor 22 LR Ammunition
This is the most potent full-weight 22 LR available to small game and varmint hunters. The all-new 40 grain Gold Dot hollow point provides controlled expansion in rifles for excellent stopping power.

CCI boasts, that with this new bullet, you’ll add 200 feet/sec to the speed of your typical 40 grain high-speed load.

Filson’s Mackinaw Wool Vest now in Camoflage
This is the first of Filson’s high quality clothing line to include camoflage patterning. This vest looks like it would be a great layering piece for cold days in the field. The Mackinaw wool is known for its durability and warmth. This vest is priced around $130, but may be worth the in_vest_ment.

Woo Daves Signature Collection by Georgia Boot
The newest addition to the Georgia Boot company is this series engineered by fishing guru Woo Daves and the Georgia Boot experts. Boasted to work well in both the water and on board a boat, they are venitlated and well-cushioned. For more information visit

|| |—| |SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 CCI Velocitor 22SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 Filson Wool Vest in Advantage CamoSHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 Georgia Fishing BootsSHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 Georgia Boot Side-Zip SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 Browning Platinum Series Safes SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 The Blaser Luxus & Prestige Model from Sigarms, Inc. SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 The Blaser Prestige Model SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 Weatherby Super Big GameMaster SHOT Show 2002:  Day 2 Weaver Silver Grand Slam Georgia Boot Side Zipper Collection
By adding a zipper to the side of three of its current boots, the Georgia Boot company has given hunters a fast way to get in and out of their footwear. No laces? Well, the boot has to be laced up the first time you put it on, but after that, it’s a great fit with easy access.

The three boots that include the side zipper are the 8″ Insulated Gore-Tex Boot, the 8″ Comfort Core Waterproof Boot, and the Comfort Core Waterproof Camp Oxford.

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Browning Platinum Series Safes
These new safes caught our eye with the beautiful scenes that grace the door of each unit. But, once we took a look inside, we realized there was much more to the safe than the outer shell. The safe features a steel body and a drill-resistant deflectoor plate between the steel layers of the door. The inside is a spacious 72″ x 40″ x 28″ cavern designed well to hold all kinds of valuables.

Blaser R93 Rifle Line: Luxus and Prestige Models
These two new rifles combine beauty with usability. The Luxus features engraved side-plates with North American game scenes. The Prestige includes a two-piece walnut stock with English scroll engraving on the side plates.

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Weatherby Super Big GameMaster
The best quality in Weatherby’s new big game model is the lack of extra weight. At just 5 3/4 lbs, this could be a great choice if you need to cover a lot of ground during a hunt. In the most popular big game calibers, Weatherby boasts that it shoots with varmint rifle-like accuracy.

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The Grand Slam Scope from Weaver
The newest scope from Weaver is an updated version of their very popular and durable Grand Slam. The new version features a silver matte finish. The model pictured at the right is printed with the Rock Mountain Elk Foundation’s logo and a portion of the proceeds from each unit sold will be donated to the foundation.

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