Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

A Tough Steal

Over 400 Alaskan salmon tried to put this Cabela’s rod-and-reel combo in the junk heap but couldn’t. This three-piece FT Series 9-foot 9-weight rod is extraordinarily sensitive, yet tough. The SR large-arbor reel is made of machined aluminum and has a silky-smooth, carbon-fiber disk drag. An absolute steal at $420 for both. % 800-237-4444;
--Peter B. Mathiesen

How Much Pull Do You Have?

Cabela’s FT Series and The Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull GaugeA firearm with a poorly adjusted trigger is like a car with bad steering, and if you’d like to know just where your trigger breaks, this is the way to find out. The Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge will tell you to within 1/10 ounce, and its little computer brain will even average a series of pulls for you. Your old spring-loaded trigger-pull scale is now badly obsolete. Suggested retail: $59.95. % 800-225-9626;
--David E. Petzal