Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

**Cutting Edge **

Don’t let its size fool you. The Mini Master Box Call may look small, but its high-frequency yelps, cutts, and clucks will have gobblers sounding off in no time. It can exceed 15,000 Hz, making it one of the highest-pitched box calls on the market. Hand-tuned, the Mini Master offers a compact design with easy handling and fits in most pockets. Its solid poplar box measures 51/2 inches; the walnut paddle extends 8 inches. Suggested retail: $14.99. From M.A.D. Calls. % 800-922-9034;
–daria gionta

**Sitting Softly **

|| |—| || The hardest thing about waiting for a gobbling turkey to arrive is the ground beneath your butt. Hunter’s Specialties offers a couple of solutions. The first is an inflatable, foam-filled pad that straps around your waist. The top is camo, the bottom waterproof nylon; the price is about $14. The second option is an aluminum-framed seat with 2-inch webbing for about $43. The legs fold down, and an attached set of shoulder straps make carrying this woods-chair relatively easy. One set of legs is 11/2 inches higher than the other to keep your tail level on hilly terrain. % 800-728-0321;
–lionel atwill