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Magnifications available: 8×30, 7×50, 10×50, 8×56, and 12×56 porro prism.

Model tested: 8×30.

**Weight: **18 ounces.

Exit pupil diameter: 3.75mm.

Focusing range: 20 feet to infinity.

Other features: Rubber-armored, center focus, constructed to U.S. mil-spec standards; comes with 30-year warranty.

Suggested retail price: $600.

Real-world price: $400.

Comments: Steiner has always made good binoculars distinguished by toughness and light weight. These are a lot better than good; in fact, they are the equal of any 8X binoculars I’ve used in recent years, including one make that costs twice as much. I was blown away by how sharp and bright they are.

Conclusion: Considering its very reasonable real-world price and extraordinary optics, the Nighthunter is an unbeatable hunting binocular.

You can pay more for a “prestige” brand, but you’ll have a hard time seeing any difference.