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Mummy Dearest

A sleeping bag good enough for the Navy SEALs ought to suffice for your next hunting trip. Wiggy’s Super Light Flexible Range Sleep System, using Lamilite insulation, consists of an outer bag rated to 35 degrees, and an inner bag good to zero. Combined, they’re good to minus 40 degrees and guaranteed for life against insulation loss or deterioration and broken seams or zippers. The weight is 61/2 to 71/2 pounds, depending on size. Price: $330. From Wiggy’s Inc. % 800-748-1827;
-Bill Heavey

What a Relief! Wiggy’s Super Light Flexible Range Sleep System and ReliefBand

Nervous about committing to a fly-out or sea charter because you might turn green? Worn like a watch, the adjustable ReliefBand motion-sickness device will keep you feeling great-even after nausea sets in. The band emits a gentle electrical signal that interferes with the median nerve to prevent nausea. (Five power settings let you adjust the stimulation.) Price: $79. % 888-718-6900;