Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

**Full Stream Ahead **
Wading uneven boulder streams is absolute agony on your feet. Cabela’s Master Guide Wading Boot has a toe and side foot guard made from an indestructible rubberized material that prevents feet from becoming sore and bruised. This durable, long-distance wading shoe has speed laces and a high-density felt sole for a surefooted grip on slippery rock. Price: $69.95. % 800-237-4444;
--Peter B. Mathiesen

Gold in Them Thar Chambers!
Cabela’s Master Guide Wading Boot So you can’t afford a Purdey or a Rizzini, but you can wow your friends and intimidate your enemies with a pair of genuine gold-plated snap caps. They’re made by Winchester, come in all popular gauges, and cost $45 a pair for gold plate, $35 for nickel plate. From Galazan. % 860-225-6581;
--David E. Petzal