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Field & Stream Online Editors

Holy Barometer, Batman!
The Schrade i-QUIP should make Boy Scouts drool with lust. It combines an electronic clock-barometer-altimeter-compass with an LED flashlight and an array of tools, including a corkscrew, knife, signal mirror, scissors, saw, and screwdrivers. Attached to the lanyard connecting electronic pod to tool case is an emergency whistle, and in the body of the device is a storage well for a butane lighter. Its clunky size and reliance on batteries makes the i-QUIP a poor choice for a primary set of tools, but as a backup implement, it’s dandy. About $250. % 800-272-4723;
–Lionel Atwill

**Howdy, Partner! **
Spending the day with a damp hat in the rain is bad enough, but having water roll down your neck for hours can make you miserable. The wide-brimmed Columbia Omni-Tech Booney hat solves that problem. It is waterproof and breathable, with an adjustable chin strap to keep it from becoming part of the landscape in a big wind. The chin strap can also be used to cinch up the hat cowboy-style when the rain stops. About $26. % 800-547-8066;