Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

If you can’t blow a pintail whistle, then you’ll want to try the MorWhistle from New Version Calls. The all-plastic call eliminates the need to flutter your tongue, allowing an inexperienced hunter to make a perfect pintail chirp, teal whistle, and mallard drake call. Anyone can make this call sound great. Price: $21.99. 209-827-9153; B. Mathiesen

Lusted after high-quality wool camo clothes but couldn’t afford them? Weatherby has come to your rescue with this very classy new line consisting of parka, cargo pants, suspenders, and more. It is water- and windproof, has pockets in all the right places, and will not gut your budget. The parka is $189 or $208, depending on size, and the pants are $175 or $192. Not baaaaaad, eh? 800-227-2016;

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