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Field & Stream Online Editors

Start the Fire Preparing a sumptuous feast outdoors starts with a good set of high-quality cookware. GSI Outdoors offers a winning combination. Their lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum cook sets provide even heat transfer and a nonstick interior for easy cleanup. The hard-anodization process creates a tough, abrasion-resistant surface that prevents any interaction between the underlying metal and your meal. The five-piece set includes 1- and 11/2-quart pots with lids that double as fry pans. About $60. 509-928-9611;
-D.G. Foul-Weather Find It’s one thing for you to get soaked, quite another when your stuff does. Filson’s Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest is made of oil-finished Cover Cloth cotton that sheds water like a mallard. The straps won’t slice into your clavicle, and adjustable underarm cinches keep it from wallowing. Room enough for any pack rat, plus a rucksack- style pouch that’s big enough for a camera, sandwich, and small Thermos. Price: $141.50. 800-624-0201;
-Gary Garth