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Get Your Bearings
If you hunt or fish in the backcountry, you should carry a quality orienteering compass (whether or not you have a GPS). And you’d be hard-pressed to find one of better quality than Brunton’s Eclipse 8099. The 8099 is easy to use and understand. Taking a bearing accurate to 1 degree is a simple matter of lining up two circles on the compass face, then reading a number through a magnified lens. Features include a versatile sighting system, a simple declination adjustment dial, three inclinometers, and a clear-plastic UTM grid ruler that’s ideal for use with a topo map and GPS. And if you get confused, you can always refer to the five reference cards housed in the unit’s protective rubber base, which cover compass instructions, first aid, UTM grid measurements, and more. About $80. 800-443-4871;