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Field & Stream Online Editors

** Calling All Archers**
Finding a quality youth bow has always been a daunting task, given the difficulties of matching draw length to a young shooter’s physique. Enter the Genesis, a bow that solves those problems by eliminating let-off. The result is a great-shooting bow that fits any archer with a draw length of 15 to 30 inches. Constructed with quality materials and Mathews single-cam technology, the Genesis is not only adjustable (10 to 20 pounds), it’s surprisingly fast, accurate, and affordable. Price: $135. From Brennan Industries Inc. % 608-269-1779; Bestul

** Shhhhhh! **
Uncle Mike’s Premier Swivels are that company’s top of the line. Made of high-strength steel, they are held to tolerances so close that they can’t squeak, and they keep the sling between swivel and stock, eliminating the possibility of scratches. The low-profile swivels are made to mil-spec standards and cost $27.95. From Michaels of Oregon Co. % 503-655-7964; E. Petzal